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All servicing is carried out within current industry guidelines. On a regular basis we carry out a sanitisation to provide you with clean water. This process ensures the various components within the cooler ie. taps, filters and the main water system dispenser is providing you with clean water. It is recommended, the sanitisation is carried out every 3 months and we provide a regular reminder as part of the service.

Helping the Environment

We are committed to ensure our business activities are environmentally sustainable. We constantly review how we reduce, re-use and recycle our products. Our water bottles are British, made from thick poly carbon to give a strong, shatter proof and resilient build and are manufactured to be easily recycled,

Helping the Environment

Some of the ways we address these issues:

  • Our bottles are re-used and eventually recycled
  • Supplying cups that can be recycled
  • Scheduling deliveries and servicing together

Valley Water are always open to customer feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our overall service and be more environmentally sustainable. Please feel free to email us with your suggestions on:

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